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Frequently asked questions

This page provides answers to questions that are most frequently asked from Frens Catering. In case you do not find your question from here, do not hesitate to ask us!!

Does Frens cater events outside Tallinn?
Yes, we cater events all over Estonia. Our offices are located in Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu, nevertheless we have also organised events for example in Põlva, Kuressaare, Lohusalu and Sagadi. We will cater wherever you wish us to do it!

Is it possible to order performers?
Yes, we mediate a variety of performers and help to compile entertainment program.

Does Frens have rooms to organise events in?
No, but we co-operate with most public event rooms’ and householders. Frens Catering event managers will be glad to help you choose appropriate place and make the necessary reservations.

Does Frens cater events in open air?
Yes, whenever our clients wish us to do so (and not only in summer!).

Where does Frens Catering order the dishes?
All dishes provided by Frens Catering, including the big wedding cakes, are made in Frens Catering kitchens or made especially for Frens Catering.

What is the price of different dishes provided by Frens Catering?
Unlike restaurants Frens Catering menu is not fixed, but is specially compiled concerning the wishes and possibilities of the client. The menu provided in initial proposal is just one possible version. Final menu will be composed in co-operation of event manager and client. Whilst all the dishes in Frens Catering kitchens are made for concrete client and event, the price of the dishes depends on the amount of people attending, following the principal that the more people, the cheaper the price will be per person.

What is the minimum amount of people that Frens will be willing to cater?
From our side we do not set any boundaries. Throughout time we have held events also for only two people. However, because catering service in its essence is related with many expenses that do not depend on the amount of people attending, the service provided for small events can be quite costly.

Do I need to arrange dinnerware?
No, we will provide all the necessary tableware needed for serving the food ordered by the client. On request also tables and tablecloths. In case you would like to rent the tableware of Frens Catering for serving your own dishes, it is necessary to accord it with the event manager beforehand.

Do I have to order the drinks from Frens Catering?
In general cases, yes. We serve the drinks provided by the client only on special occasions and it acquires special agreement between client and event manager.

Is it possible to order tables, chairs, tents, etc?
Yes, we provide all necessary equipment needed to make the event memorable. All you have to do is notify the event manager of your wishes beforehand.

Is it possible to order only waiters from Frens Catering?
No, the service we provide is consistent and the waiters will only be provided if the event catering is ordered from Frens Catering. Although, it is always possible to order Frens catering dishes without service, e.g. family gatherings taking place at clients’ house. There is also a third possibility – waiter(s) can be ordered only for preparation time.

Do I have to deliver and return the dishes myself?
No, Frens catering will deliver the dishes served on platters and will collect them when it is suitable for you. In case you need help setting the table, it is necessary to make an agreement with the event manager beforehand because at most cases the dishes will be delivered by our driver who does not have waiter’s qualification.

Is it possible to order only tablecloths?
No, because tablecloths are important working equipment for us that is used daily during the events we provide catering for.

Does Frens catering have fixed price list?
Yes and no. For example we have fixed prices for our service personnel (waiters, hostesses, cooks) but the price of dishes varies depending on the specific menu and number of people attending, therefore is different at every event.

Is it possible to pay in cash or with credit card?
Frens accepts payments in cash, with credit card and bank transfer. The terms of payment of specific event will be fixed beforehand between event manager and client. In general a certain sum of the total payment will be required as a pre-payment. Irrespective of the way of payment, it is also required to pay the sum including VAT, whilst it is enacted in Estonian law.

In case you did not find answer to your question from here, do not hesitate to ask us!!